Hello world!

So finally I managed to setup my own blog. You’d think it wouldn’t be so difficult since working with WordPress is what I do for a living. But trust me when I say that it’s not the technical stuff that is the reason why this  has not happened earlier.

I guess that it is yet another verification of that an accomplishment is never one-sided. A successful website is never only about the code, content or design. It’s the combination that makes the difference.

So what will make this blog successful? Let’s first clearly define the purpose of this blog and I’m sorry for the egocentric answer, but it’s all about me. This is a place for me to keep notes, ideas and suggestions. It’s my own place on the web and that’s the purpose.

So the posts will probably touch many different subjects, some might be very short, some might be very long. I might post often or this might the first and last post, who knows.

But one thing is probably quite certain, you will probably not come back to this blog often and that is ok :)